Billet prices continuous increase plate prices strong pull up

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        In March 2nd the plate index rose 1.86% compared with the previous trading day. As of the 23 major markets in March 2nd average prices continued to pull up sharply. 8mm plate on a trading day average price rose 40 yuan per ton, up 80 yuan per ton in Hefei. 20mm plate on a trading day average price rose 41 yuan per ton, up 80 yuan per ton in Tianjin. 20mm low alloy plate on a trading day average price rose 44 yuan per ton, up 50 yuan per ton in Shanghai.

        Yesterday, Shanghai local market prices overall atmosphere, the price level has again increased significantly. Market sale resource as a whole is still too less, coupled with some front-line steel clear March shipments will remain at low levels of, amplification in persistent supply side partial tension, currently part of a serious shortage of plate resources mostly from surrounding regions in Jiangsu Province to transfer goods. From the point of view of market sales, with the rising for two consecutive days, the market turnover has begun to have significantly stronger phenomenon, traders reluctant to sell emotions also have obvious increase. In addition from the billet of the situation, the billet two days has risen to 80 yuan per ton, the price of the support for stronger efforts to drive the cost.

        Lecong market mainstream plate prices rise, or to expand individual. Recent market is still in a state of supply and demand is not busy, volume little improvement, but by the billet and the external market price driven, market quotation rose a slight pull, which Liuzhou Iron and steel resources or larger. Also although northern mills have heard news of the resumption of production, but resources arrived in time, throughout March supply side is still too nervous.

        Due to demand better, the market turnover also continues to be strong, part of the business inventory level is limited, sell mentality is getting stronger. In the past two days of steel prices continued to pull up, driven plate market with the rise, it is expected that plate market prices will continue to rise.

        News: according to the latest data from the Italian iron and Steel Industry Association statistics, 2015 Italy from EU countries imported steel 10.5 million tons, an increase of 39.2%, the flat steel imports grew most rapidly, the growth rate reached 56.8%, imports about 610 million tons.